Stock Polyethylene Bags

Oak Distribution stocks over 1,000 different sizes and styles of polyethylene products for all your immediate needs. We offer the most popular types of poly bags, including clear flat bags, gusseted bags, anti-static poly bags, poly tubing, and reclosable poly bags (also known as seal top bags). We also stock literature bags, ice bags, mattress bags, pallet covers, tarps, and parts bags. Most of our stock size bags meet FDA requirements for use in food applications.

Oak Distribution offers a complete line of static control products. In addition to pink anti-static bags, we offer static shielding bags that feature buried metal construction that provides double protection against static discharge. Our static shielding bags are ideal when Faraday Cage protection is required to protect products during shipment. The semi-transparent material of these bags allows for easy identification of contents.

  • Poly bags

    Poly Bags

  • Flat Poly bags

    Flat Poly Bags

  • Reclosable Poly bags and packaging

    Reclosable Poly Bags

Padded, Rigid & Bubble Mailers

Oak Distribution carries the most complete line of cushioned, non-cushioned and rigid protective mailers in the industry. Our bubble mailers offer outstanding shipping protection for a wide range of products. Our padded mailers are rugged, all-purpose, paper fiber cushioned mailers that provide excellent cushioning protection. Mailers are available with or without self-seal tape for your convenience.

In addition to paper-based mailers, Oak Distribution offers durable poly mailers that are both light and strong and available in bubble lined or non-cushioned versions. Our poly mailers are created using a multi-layer coextruded manufacturing process that provides optimum resistance to moisture damage, puncturing, and tearing.

Oak Distribution carries all types and sizes of mailers for immediate delivery at a reasonable price!

  • Bubble and Foam Lined Mailers
  • Jiffy Padded Mailers
  • Polyethylene Bubble Mailers
  • Rigid "Layflat" Mailers Kraft and White
  • Bubble foam-lined mailers

    Bubble Mailers

  • Jiffy padded mailers

    Padded Mailers

  • Poly bubble mailers

    Polyolefin "Tough" Bubble Mailers

  • Rigid mailers

    Rigid Layflat Mailers

For more information on Bags, Mailers & Poly Products or for a quote please contact an Oak Sales Representative.