Specialty die-cut mailers can be designed to meet your packaging needs

Corrugated Mailer

Record Storage Box

Wardrobe Box

Foam Wine Shipper

Die cut mailers are commonly used in either tuck top mailer (also referred to as Roll End Tuck Top mailers) or indestructo mailer (Oak Mailer) styles. These boxes are made from one piece of corrugated board that is die cut and scored to form a variety of different shapes. Indestructo mailers are especially popular because they provide a low cost alternative to traditional roll-end tuck top mailers. They are designed for mailing and storage of a wide variety of products, including such things as books and literature. These mailers can be assembled in matter of seconds without tape or glue. No matter your product shape or size, we can offer die-cut mailers that are sure to fit your specifications. Custom die-cut mailers can be designed and printed to accommodate just about any product.





Record Storage Boxes
Our record storage boxes can be purchased as one-piece boxes with attached lids, or in different sizes with a separate box and lid. These are perfect for storage of your documents, files, or any other item you wish to store in a safe place.





Wardrobe Boxes
Smooth suitor garment (wardrobe) boxes are corrugated with a heavy-duty metal bar integrated into the design. These boxes are perfect for moving and short-term storage of your garments.





Wine Shippers
Corrugated wine shippers consist of corrugated shipping boxes with interior cushioning of either EPS foam or molded pulp to protect wine bottles during shipment. They are available in different sizes that will accommodate different quantities of wine bottles within a pack.




For more information on RETTs, Oak Mailers, and Miscellaneous Box Styles or for a quote please contact an Oak Distribution Sales Representative.