Oak Distribution can provide a broad spectrum of carton sealing and industrial tape options

Industrial Tape for Carton Sealing

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Specialty tape – shurtape products

Shurtape products

Industrial tape

Industrial tape

Oak Distribution offers many varieties of industrial tape, specialty tape, and carton sealing tape to meet every application. Our inventory encompasses tape products from the largest manufacturers in the industry including Intertape & Shurtape. We also feature Predator brand, an exclusive tape brand for Oak Paper Products.

Below is a list of tape products that we have available:

  • Water-Activated/Reinforced
  • Pressure Sensitive/Carton Sealing
  • Masking
  • Filament/ Strapping
  • Double-Coated
  • Cloth/Duct
  • Cellophane
  • Flatback
  • Protective Film
  • Label
  • Aisle Marking
  • Polyester Film
  • Tape Dispensers

We can help you choose the best tape for your application. Check out a few of our popular carton sealing and specialty tape options:

Water Activated Tape
Water activated tape is an all-purpose sealing tape made from a single piece of Kraft paper coated with a flexible layer of water-soluble adhesive. Reinforced gummed (water activated) tape provides the fastest and most secure way to close boxes and protect the contents from moisture damage. Our reinforced water activated tape products are available in non-print, stock prints, and custom print variations. Oak Distribution also carries manual and automatic tape dispensers to apply water activated tape.

Pressure Sensitive Carton Sealing Tape
Oak Distribution's full line of pressure-sensitive carton sealing tape includes the three most common adhesive types: acrylic, hotmelt rubber, and natural rubber.

Industrial Tape
Oak Distribution's industrial tape and specialty tape options offer the best performance, quality and value for applications ranging from light utility to high performance.

Paper Masking Tape
Paper masking tape is designed for performance in a variety of applications including paint masking, holding, light duty splicing, sealing, bundling and packaging. We carry all grades from low-priced economy to premium high performance grades.

Filament Tape
Filament tape, a pressure sensitive specialty tape with embedded fiberglass filaments, delivers superior adhesion and high tensile strength for a variety of light to medium bundling applications. It can also be used for pallet unitizing.

Paper Flatback Tape
Paper flatback tape is an industrial tape variation that is designed for a variety of packaging, splicing and tabbing applications, providing a quick, positive seal that can withstand a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

Double-Coated Tape
Double-coated tape is one of the best specialty tapes for mounting, holding, splicing, tabbing and fastening when an aggressive adhesive is needed. The tape generally consists of a paper or film with adhesive applied to both sides, providing superior stability for bonding multiple surfaces together.

Label Protection Tape
Our label protection tape secures and protects shipping labels, packing slips and documents from damage.

Oak Distribution inventories a variety of tape dispensers to use with carton sealing, filament, cello, label protection, and other tapes.

For more information on Tape Products or for a quote, please contact an Oak Distribution Sales Representative.