Chipboard Boxes

RTE (reverse tuck end) chipboard boxes are truly utility cartons. They are constructed of brown line chipboard. RTEs of .020 thickness meet government specification PPP-B-566. The caliper is .020 to .028, depending on the size of the box. These cartons are self-locking for fast and easy assembly with a hinge flap that tucks in for a secure lock.

Stationery and business card boxes, chipboard sheets, 2-piece set-up mailing boxes and folding letterhead boxes are also available.

  • Chipboard Box


Chipboard Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes, also referred to as chipboard mailing tubes or cardboard mailing tubes, are stocked in a variety of popular sizes. Our chipboard (cardboard) mailing tubes are made of sturdy spiral wound kraft paper. Open end mailing tubes can be closed with plastic end plugs, and are often used to mail or store calendars, blueprints, posters, or maps. The mailing tubes are available in a variety of lengths and diameters and come in Telescoping or Crimped End styles.

  • Cardboard mailing tubes - Example

    Mailing Tube

  • Telescoping mailing tubes are versatile, reusable, heavy-duty spiral wound kraft paper tubes which are permanently closed on one end by a metal cap. Snug fitting telescoping end caps can be taped prior to shipment or simply closed for dust proof storage.
  • Crimped end mailing tubes are a low cost option for protecting posters, maps, charts, plans, and calendars from dirt and damage. The tough spiral wound walls resist any crushing of the products inside. Chipboard (cardboard) mailing tubes with crimped ends snap closed quickly and securely, with or without tape. They are reusable and can be easily opened without damaging the tube or contents.
    • Crimped end cardboard mailing tubes - Example

      Crimped end tube

For more information on Chipboard or other Cardboard Mailing Tubes or for a quote, please contact an Oak Distribution Sales Representative.