Protective Packaging with Oak Distribution's singleface corrugated rolls and other industrial roll papers

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Corrugated rolls of Industrial Paper

Corrugated Roll Papers

Looking for high quality protective packaging solutions? Oak Distribution has all of your protective packaging needs.

Check out our available solutions:
  • Singleface Corrugated Rolls
  • Bleached Kraft (White) Counter Rolls
  • Poly Coated Rolls
  • Brown Waxed Kraft Rolls
  • Counter Roll Dispensers

Singleface Corrugated Rolls

An affordable protective paper cushioning option, singleface corrugated rolls offer strength and flexibility.  At Oak Distribution, we keep a wide range in stock and ready for delivery.

We have a variety of sizes, flutes, and grade options for our corrugated rolls:

  • Flutes: A-Flute: 3/16", B-Flute: 1/8", E-Flute: 1/16"
  • Paper Types: Kraft, Bleached Kraft (white), Cohesive (sticks only to itself), Grease Proof (available in white only)
  • Paper Weights: 30#, 50#, 70#, 100#, 126#, 207# (Custom paper weights upon request.)
  • Maximum Roll Width: A-Flute: 2" to 72", B-Flute: 2" to 84", E-Flute: 2" to 60"
  • Roll Length: 250 Feet (Custom lengths upon request.)
  • Printing: 2 Color Flexographic Printing upon request.
  • HiFlex: Scored every 1/4" across flute to provide extra flexibility. HiFlex is available on B-flute rolls and sheets only.

For more information on Industrial Roll Papers or for a quote, our sales team would be happy to assist you! Please contact us today!