Oak Distribution has a great selection of janitorial supplies, cleaning products, and safety products

Janitorial supplies: safety signs

Floor Signs

Janitorial supplies: can liners

Can Liners

We can meet your immediate needs for janitorial supplies with our extensive inventory of the following products:

  • Absorbent and Sweeping Compounds
  • Trash Can liners
  • Safety products
  • Gloves
  • Mopping systems
  • Hand Soaps
  • Odor Control
  • Chemicals

At Oak Distribution, we know that janitorial supplies are a necessary element for any business. We carry a large inventory of our janitorial supplies and have the ability to deliver your order next day. Oak Distribution offers the convenience of allowing our customers to order and receive their packaging, janitorial, and sanitary products from one supplier. Ordering these various product types on the same purchase order will save you time as well as money by limiting transaction costs and order preparation.

Oak Distribution's expertise in the janitorial supplies and sanitary product area is represented by product managers with 60 years of janitorial experience who are all trained by the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) and are qualified to solve any facility issues. Our product managers are available to consult and make sales calls with distributors.

For more information on our Janitorial Supplies, please contact an Oak Distribution Sales Representative.