Stretch Film by Oak Distribution Provides Superior, Cost Effective Package Protection

Stretch film and stretch wrap

Stretch Film

Stretch film with handles

Stretch Film with Built-In Handles

Oak Distribution offers a great selection of cost effective and technologically advanced stretch films. Our stretch film options offer high yields, superior puncture and tear resistance, clarity, and consistent cling.

Stretch film (or stretch wrap as it is commonly known) is a high elongation, polyethylene based film that is used to wrap around industrial or commercial products to provide stability and protection during storage and shipment. Dispensers for your stretch film are also available.

Find the Stretch Film Option that will meet Your Needs

Regardless of your desired application, Oak Distribution can supply the type of stretch film that will provide the features you require. We can provide you with cast film, blown film, machine stretch film, hand stretch film, banding film and convenience or specialty films. In choosing the type of film that will work best for your products, we encourage you to consider the weight of the product, the uniformity of the product's shape, shipping conditions (temperature & distance), and the type of product (fragile or durable).

  • Cast Film characteristics are consistent cling, clear, gloss, more resistance to tearing, quiet unwind, excellent optics, and consistent film thickness.
  • Blown Film characteristics are greater puncture resistance, hazy and dull appearance, noisy unwind, and high force on load.
  • Machine Stretch Film provides faster and more efficient packaging, reduced packaging material costs, safer application, secure loads and more.
  • Hand Stretch Film can be offered in sizes ranging from 10-18 inches, with high performance due to its formulation which results in maximum load retention and reduced neck down.

Product Benefits of Oak Distribution's Stretch Film Line:

  • Delivers excellent product protection and keeps products clean.
  • High quality films allow you to wrap a large number of pallets per roll of film, which lowers your total expenditure for stretch film.
  • Reduces costs associated with secondary packaging.
  • Provides superior load holding force without damaging or adhering to the product.

For more information on stretch film products or for a quote, please contact an Oak Sales Representative.